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Dogtaggs is based on green and leafy Verity Farm in South Dorset near to Dorchester. The farm is an orchard of over five hundred walnut trees growing on fifty acres of gently rolling countryside. We can welcome dogs and their people who prefer plenty of space in order to flourish and feel comfortable. The orchards are home to our beautiful poll Dorset sheep who live here to help us with our traditional sheep herding programme. Our team also includes two working shepherd dogs who not only help with managing the flock but are important members of our teaching team. They can expertly help people learn about handling skills for tracking. They also have great fun participating in lighthearted tracking activities with our corporate clients.

At Dogtaggs we train people

We train people who would like to learn how to work with the natural skills that their dogs have. We offer activities involving tracking, searching, and traditional herding (with or without sheep). Whether you are new to these activities or more advanced and seeking progression, whether your interest is recreational or professional, we can accommodate your training and development.

Come and join us if you would like to learn how to work with your dogs exceptional natural olfactory and environmental skills . Discover tracking as a means to fulfilment of mental and physical exercise for your dog. Discover herding games workshops (no sheep involved) to deepen and develop the relationship you have with your dog.

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Corporate Clients

We welcome Corporate clients enjoying memorable and unique employee activities. Small groups are welcomed to try the unique experience of tracking with professional tracking dogs. Experience the thrill of being taken to recover one of your ‘lost’ colleagues by one of our friendly and highly skilled tracking dogs. And experience being found by a professional tracking dog as they bring your colleagues to find you. From simple break-out activities to skilfully facilitated team building exercises, you choose.

Come along and enjoy your visit in beautiful rural environment with clean modern facilities.

Our Reviews

  • positive review  Harry (GSD) and I had a fantastic afternoon with Pat on a tracking taster workshop earlier this month. Pat explained everything so clearly and I learnt so much more than I realised I could in one afternoon. Pat was very sympathetic to each personality (dog and human) and I can't wait to go back and learn more!

    Tracey Wright Avatar Tracey Wright
    25th August 2021

    positive review  Wow! I had a totally enlightening experience on my Taster workshop at Dogtaggs with Pat. It was truly humbling to learn more about our dogs’ amazing olfactory skills and to see it in action in a different way to what I’ve seen before. Pat’s guidance was delivered beautifully and she truly has a wealth of experience and insight. I’m already booked on my Foundation workshop to learn more. My dog also had an amazing experience and I truly feel that he felt listened to, and understood.

    Rebecca Elliott Avatar Rebecca Elliott
    18th August 2021

    positive review  Elsie and I have just finished the phenomenal adolescent course with Jo Caldwell and Pat Tagg, before that I did the phenomenal puppy course with both Ivan and Elsie. Both courses were thought provoking, I think the learning was mainly on my part as both pups just seemed to grasp what was wanted, I’m not sure of the right words but as someone else put it, it’s like learning how to conduct yourself in a way the dog can understand, and once I’d controlled me both pups just got on with it. It’s brilliant and if I can ever come up with better words to explain I’ll write another review.

    Pippa Bentham Avatar Pippa Bentham
    17th June 2021
  • positive review  absolutely brilliant day. really informative and very supportive. Will definitely be back!

    Jemma Whitford Avatar Jemma Whitford
    2nd June 2021

    positive review  Fantastic weekend with Pat at Dogtaggs. Very informative and a real insight.

    Becca Dear Avatar Becca Dear
    6th May 2021

    positive review  Extremely informative and enjoyable. Will certainly be back for more courses.

    Anna Langfjord Cole Avatar Anna Langfjord Cole
    11th April 2021
  • positive review  Had the most amazing tracking day today with Dudley, who is now a very sleepy boy, Pat is incredibly patient and explains everything very clearly, I don’t think we appreciate how clever our dogs are, we also had a great laugh, would highly recommend these courses, can’t wait to do another one, thank you Pat for a great day

    Belinda Wederell Avatar Belinda Wederell
    28th September 2020

    positive review  Had the best time on the 2 day tracking workshop this weekend, with my pup. So informative, and fab patient coaching from Pat - rafi had a blast and I did too. I've come away feeling inspired and excited to book on for the next bit 🙂

    Mary Harkness Avatar Mary Harkness
    15th March 2020

    positive review  Another amazing, exhilarating and inspiring Tracking Development Day with Pat Tagg. Pat shows us how to give our dogs responsibility for tracking while we “simply” follow our dogs. In doing so, Pat unlocks a remarkable relationship between human and dog, one that enables conversation and partnership to take the place of training and ownership. Our dogs know this is how our species work best together. We just have to open our eyes and our minds and listen.

    Bryony Francis Avatar Bryony Francis
    2nd February 2020
  • positive review  I attended a Foundation Tracking course. Pat has truly amazing skills of communication with humans and dogs and shares and guides participants into an understanding of how to give up control and act as follower while your dog does what they love to do. It is immensely rewarding and very, very satisfying to be part of a burgeoning partnership and come away with skills that you can really use at home after only two days. Verity Farm is lovely and the welcome is warm. Oh, and there is cake - wonderful cake - don’t make your packed lunch too large. I can not recommend this highly enough.

    Rowena Padel Avatar Rowena Padel
    1st November 2019

    positive review  Pat will teach you the common sense, simple truths about tracking and the science behind it. Learning to track here allows you to track in 'real world' scenarios unlike other courses relying on food tracking, which is actually a negative barrier to the pleasure a dog gets from sniffing. Dogs can all track, here you learn how NOT to interfere when you go along for the ride! Fascinating stuff, would thoroughly recommend anyone give it a go and open your eyes to a whole new world though your dogs' nose! Your dog will thank you for it too... 🙂

    Cassie Bown Avatar Cassie Bown
    6th March 2019

    positive review  Fantastic 2 day foundation course learning to track with my lad.

    Rod Anderson Boyle Avatar Rod Anderson Boyle
    24th February 2019
  • positive review  Pat is one of the most wonderful people in the business. Her understanding of the relationships we have with our animals and how we can change that to help our dogs is just fantastic. Love being taught by her.

    Ellen Ward Lindley Avatar Ellen Ward Lindley
    14th January 2019

    positive review  I have only ever heard fabulous things about Patt as an exceptionally ethical force free trainer, and in the sector she works in, this should be particularly applauded!

    Ruby Welsford Avatar Ruby Welsford
    31st December 2018

    positive review  I attended couple of tracking weekends and would have much much more if it wasn’t so far away for me. Pat is just natural with dogs and she treats every dog differently as per their individual needs. It’s a pleasure to be trained by Pat. I Highly recommend!

    Andrea Millington Avatar Andrea Millington
    27th November 2018
  • positive review  We have just returned from a lovely holiday in Dorset where we spent the weekend on the foundation tracking course at Dogtaggs. Lola and I really enjoyed ourselves and learnt so much about tracking. It was a perfect environment to learn in and Pat was very knowledgeable and understanding. We will continue tracking at home and hopefully be back next year at Dogtaggs.

    Emily Eaves Avatar Emily Eaves
    12th October 2018

    Had the best 2 days on a foundation course with Pat. Weather was lovely, venue is lovely & Pat is such a friendly, encouraging, positive, interesting & inspirational teacher. Sorry Pat, Luna I will be back.

    Shauna Lyons Avatar Shauna Lyons
    12th May 2018

    So impressed by Pat's training for my big lad Jack. It gave both of us some confidence back and lots of new strategies to help him deal with life. Thank you so much!

    Carol Fieldhouse Avatar Carol Fieldhouse
    16th March 2018
  • A brilliant day in lovely countryside. To be shown the pathways to enter the amazing world of dogs is truly inspiring. I’m hooked. The cake is great as well! � Thank you.

    Geraldine Feilden Avatar Geraldine Feilden
    14th October 2017

    I have just spent the weekend with my dog Henny on Pat's 2 day Foundation tracking course, five stars is just not enough for this superb course. Pat is hugely welcoming and the facilities are brilliant, Verity Farm is a fabulous place. Pat has a wonderful way of giving us a insight into the wonderful scientific world of scent. It was a privilege to be supported by the tracking professionals - our dogs. Pat taught us a new way of connecting and sharing our dogs world, the sheer joy the dogs showed when they had tracked back to the track layer was immense. I can't wait to go on the next course. A weekend of fun, laughter, learning, being with our dogs, making new friends, eating Pat's homemade cake - what can be better - thank you Pat.

    Angela Reynolds Avatar Angela Reynolds
    9th October 2017

    I have just been on the Foundation Tracking Weekend. I don't ever write reviews on social media and this is my first as I felt I had to tell you about it. I will keep it short but I will tell you a secret. When you attend this course, What Pat gives you is a gift. This gift is that you experience the most powerfully connecting journey with your dog because you let go and give your dog their freedom to do what they do best. The gift that Pat gives you? She shows you how to let your dog take you into their magical world and for a moment you literally feel and experience your dogs' world. They let you in and they embrace you and there is no stronger connection. If this is the only course you ever go on you will not regret it.

    Michelle Underwood Avatar Michelle Underwood
    8th October 2017
  • Throw away preconceived ideas about teaching our dogs to track. The Foundation Tracking weekend blew my mind. It was an intensely emotional experience having the privilege to be shown a track by my Dora the Explorer Setter. Pat was as always highly informative, very welcoming and the cake was good. I highly recommend going on this journey with your dog.

    Penny Hoare Avatar Penny Hoare
    8th October 2017

    Ruby and I had a fantastic time in the Foundation Tracking workshop, we learned alot and something completely different for us to become involved in. Pat explained everything very well.

    Sue Roberton Avatar Sue Roberton
    9th July 2017

    2x2 course today. 4 dogs with very different requirements, but it didn't phase Pat at all, she adapted the course to ensure each dogs needs were met and achieved. Having the subtle signals explained in simple detail made everything so obvious. Can't thank you enough Pat for your individual attention to all the dogs and handlers, making sure we all came home having done some fabulous tracking at whatever level we are at.

    Debs Ainsworth Avatar Debs Ainsworth
    13th June 2017
  • This was a fantastic weekend (foundation tracking) in a lovely setting. Pat was very welcoming and has an amazing cross human/dog world qualifications. This is part of what makes this course very unique and the dogs thrive in the environment. The science behind the methodology is clearly explained and the dogs do their 'thing' perfectly whilst the humans are taught how to go on the tracking trip without interfering with them. When it starts to fall into place its the most freeing experience and teaches you how smart your dog is as you have to trust them... this is harder than it sounds for us humans. You work in small group numbers and get to watch each other and learn about laying tracks. It is very accommodating for dog that may struggle with certain situations. I can't wait to go back to work on my skills further and master those corners so Aled and i can go off confidently on tracking missions 🙂 Thanks Pat

    Ellen Ashford Avatar Ellen Ashford
    22nd May 2017

    positive review  Just got home from a lovely tracker taster session with my two dogs. We all had a fabulous time - they're now tucked up in bed - fed, watered and very happy. Thanks so much for a wonderful introduction to a very enjoyable and interesting 'sport'. Can't recommend this course and Pat highly enough - great fun!

    Jackie Hogarth Avatar Jackie Hogarth
    6th May 2017

    Pat, thanks for a great talk at the APBC conference yesterday. So informative, entertaining and jaw-droppingly educational on the way scentwork can positively influence dogs' wellbeing and interactions both with humans and other dogs. You're as inspirational as ever.

    Bryony Francis Avatar Bryony Francis
    1st May 2017
  • Really enjoyed the presentation at the APBC conference yesterday. Off to begin tracking with my elderly sheepdog later on today! Your teaching is even more fantastic than when I learned to train dogs with you courtesy of Southampton Uni way back in 2003 🙂

    Jenni Nellist Avatar Jenni Nellist
    1st May 2017

    Brilliant day. Thank you Pat for your coaching and teaching and to the others for their advice. We had a great time...onwards and hope to see you again soon.

    Aidan Cowan Avatar Aidan Cowan
    27th March 2017

    Had a fantastic day meeting Pat and her 3 wonderful dogs, very interesting topics covered and good hands on experience putting everything in to practice looking forward to more fine words and cake.

    Gav Muldoon Avatar Gav Muldoon
    24th January 2017

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