Development Days

Development Days begin with a brief discussion with participants where individual goals for the day are defined.

If your aim is to develop a level of confidence and motivation with your dog we can help you move towards that goal. If you'd like to use tracking in the development of better behaviour from your dog utilising tracking as part of your behaviour modification plan we can help you with that.

If you wanted more experience to develop your handling skills, track laying skills or of tracking in different environments and over different surfaces......we can help you. And of course, if your aim is to have an enjoyable, fun day out with your dog and knowledgeable friendly people.... please come along, previous attendees tell us we are definitely delivering that.

As with ALL DogTaggs workshops dogs that might struggle in indoor or other training environments are welcome, we have lots of space. We have always worked with dogs and handlers as individuals, if preferred there is no need for dogs to work with other dogs, or, even with other people in the environment. We will help everyone feel as comfortable as possible in order to have the best possible learning experience.

Sorry, strictly no observers

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