Foundation Workshop

Suitable for any breed or age of dog (puppies need to have received all their vaccinations before attending). Dogs that prefer space to feel comfortable are welcome. We work with all tracking teams on an individual basis, therefore dogs do not need to encounter others. The Foundation workshop is the follow on level to our Tracking Taster session. It is also the route into all our other tracking fun.

Dogs can already track, so, the emphasis in this workshop is on helping handlers join in without impeding the dogs. We aim to help handlers manage their own handling skills so that dogs can continue to track (nose down, accurately sniffing and following the most dense part of the track). We will show people how to establish and maintain a ‘keep tracking’ cue which ultimately means that dogs can easily be asked to track in any environment with the same great results.

Individual differences that we may need to address are

  • Some dogs arrive with us already pulling on leads, this means that they might also pull hard on a line, we use an evidence based approach, involving positive reinforcement techniques to help reduce debilitating pulling.
  • Some dogs experience of prior training may mean that they are used to waiting for instruction from handlers and vice versa handlers are used to instructing dogs actions. We will use a track layer and a positive reinforcement evidence based approach to helping transition the locus of control, from handler to dog (you’ll need to learn how to trust your dog for successful tracking)

The practicalities are

  • Dogs are introduced to tracks one at a time. Individual instruction is given in to each team. Thereafter teams work individually.
  • Handlers will also learn some simple track laying skills and will practice and hone skills during the two days.
  • Everyone will have an opportunity to observe and deliver supportive and developmental feedback.
  • Regular breaks during which dogs need to rest comfortably in vehicles are necessary.
  • We will talk about the applications of tracking, what it is, how it works and why its important to dogs.
  • We will introduce you to your dogs and your own ethology, resulting behaviour and how we impact each other.
  • We eat a lot of cake and we have a lot of fun. There is a lot of walking, sometimes in grotty weather.

New toilet and kitchen facilities on site, tea/coffee available all day, large building to shelter in, loads of space for dogs that struggle around others.

Equipment needed.

  • A V neck harness
  • long line (comfortable to handle)
  • loads of small treats
  • small safe toy or article
  • water bowls
  • dog towel
  • Lunch each day for yourself
  • all weather clothing

Refreshments provided but please bring your own lunch each day.

We have a Hire a Harness service. We recommend the Happy Dog harness and have a small supply for sale at the farm.


Places to stay (camping) (camping)


Dogs that appreciate more space in order to feel comfortable are welcome.

Regret strictly no observer places.

Next Workshops:

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