Tracking Taster

Tracking with your dog is a rewarding activity for both of you. Not only does it hit all the health and wellbeing buttons for dogs and people, you will also have a brilliant surprise about one of your dog's hidden talents. All dogs can track they do it everyday!

On this little introductory session we will help you to join in with your dogs natural tracking, experiencing time with your dog from an entirely new and exciting perspective.

Dogs that prefer space in which to feel comfortable are very welcome. Taster sessions are very small groups (three teams maximum) and each dog and handler will try tracking on their own on our huge field. Please don't worry about the need to cope with other dogs (or people) close by. If you are worried about attending due to concerns you have about your dogs behaviour contact us through the website for advice.

Tracking is suitable for all dog types of all ages. Vaccinated puppies under 16 weeks can be free tracked behind one of our experienced dogs. Elderly dogs are very welcome; the health benefits for older dogs can be significant.

The session includes an opportunity to track with an experienced dog if you would like to. Principally however you'll be enjoying tracking with your own dog.

Other things to know:

  • Tracking can be extremely helpful in improving dog behaviour.
  • Tracking is enormous fun - this is your entry level to tracking in all our organised events (track your way to solving a crime or recovering lost people in the woods anyone?)
  • Tracking is particularly easy and adaptable for urban environments (you don't need a field!)
  • Moderate amount of walking is necessary.
  • Morning or afternoon sessions available

Sorry, strictly no observers

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