Variety Track Pack

One course of six dates for tracking development.

Each day will begin with a technical element at Verity Farm (unless otherwise advised). These short tutorial sessions are intended to prepare teams for the day.

Over the course of the six days tracking skills will be practiced in a variety of environments.

These will include (this list is not exhaustive additional suggestions and requests are welcomed)

  • One day woodland or wilderness tracking
  • One day hard surface tracking

Two variety days which might include

  • Broken tracks, tracking for lost people
  • Tracking for lost dogs
  • Tracking with other dogs
  • Track laying skills
  • Tracking accuracy and complexity games
  • Whodunnit
  • Water tracking

Payment plan option available.

Participants will be notified about venues for woodland and hard surface tracking close to the date of each activity. The order in which the activities take place will not be published in advance but will be subject to change depending on venue availability. All tracking will take place in South Dorset, but not necessarily at Verity Farm.


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