Terms and Conditions


A booking is not confirmed until a completed booking form and full fee has been received by Dogtaggs and a written receipt from Dogtaggs has been returned to the applicant. Where a payment by instalments is offered, the final balance will be due four weeks prior to the workshop start date.


Cancellations will be accepted 56 days prior to the workshop start date. Written notice to and response from DogTaggs is required by email to hello@dogtaggs.co.uk to initiate the cancellation and refund procedure. Cancellations received less than 56 days before of the workshop start date, will not be eligible for a refund unless the place can be re-sold or transferred. A request by the relinquishing participant to transfer to a colleague should be made in writing to Dogtaggs. Dogtaggs will make every effort to re-sell the place where a transfer is not possible.  An admin fee of £15 will be payable for transfer or refund.

Instalment Plans

Where a course offers an instalment plan, payments are only accepted via PayPal.  Should the delegate cancel the PayPal payment agreement without contacting Dogtaggs as detailed in paragraph 2 above, within the 56 day cancellation period, Dogtaggs reserve the right to retain any payments made to date. Cancelling the PayPal payment agreement DOES NOT constitute cancellation of the course or entitle the payee to a reduction in the course fees.  An invoice for the outstanding amount will be sent in these circumstances for immediate settlement in full.


When a cancellation request is received prior to eight weeks before the workshop start date a full refund will be paid minus £15 administration expenses. The refund will be made via the same means with which the original payment was made. Where a refund follows the re-selling or transfer of a place money will be returned after funds are received from the new participant and via the same means with which the original payment was made. The refund will be made minus £15 administration expenses.

Photography and Video/Audio Recording

Video, audio or photographic records may not be taken at Dogtaggs events. Express permission to take photographs can be sought and may be given on a workshop by workshop basis. Without prior permission no video, audio or photographic recording of the event is permitted. Where permission is given to take photographs, photographs may be taken of the participants dog only. Where permission is given to make video recording, video recording may be taken of the participants dog only. NO audio recording is permitted this includes video. Video must be muted. Dogtaggs reserves the right to make photographic, video or audio recordings during events, such recordings to be used either for promotion or educational purposes. Where photographs or video are shared on social media credit for the event should be given to Dogtaggs.

Non-registered animals

Unavoidable attendance by non-participant dogs is possible however please note that these dogs must be comfortable waiting quietly in a vehicle and must be exercised off the farm property. All visitors to Dogtaggs events agree to comply with the Verity Farm Visiting Dog Policy.

Females in season

It may be possible for a female in season, registered for the event, not to be excluded from participation. If an event-registered female comes into season immediately prior to the event please contact Dogtaggs immediately.

Sickness, injury or contact with contagious disease

Do not bring any animals to the event that are sick, injured or have (or may have) been in contact with any other animals suffering contagious disease. If sickness, injury or contact with contagion occurs immediately prior to the event please contact Dogtaggs immediately.

Attendance at events

Only the person named on the booking form may attend an event. No spectators are permitted, and no exceptions can be made. If a change of handler is necessary, this should be advised to Dogtaggs by email prior to the event start date.

Persons attending Dogtaggs events are expected to behave responsibly and in a manner that ensures their own safety and that of others. It is the responsibility of those attending events to ensure that they are equipped with appropriate and safe outdoor clothing where required. All persons attending Dogtaggs events must comply with all safety instructions issued at any venue.

Third Party Websites and Publicity

Courses and workshops are presented for personal consumption by attendees only. No affiliation is implied and unless expressly indicated, no coaching or teaching skills are included. It is prohibited to claim otherwise or to add the names Pat Tagg or Dogtaggs to  third party websites or advertising.


Clients are advised that sheep and lambs are kept at the farm. Anyone who is, or was recently pregnant should seek medical advice before attending the premises.


Neither Dogtaggs nor any agent or person acting on behalf of Dogtaggs accept liability for any loss, damage, accident, injury or illness to dogs, handlers, spectators or any other person or property whatsoever, howsoever caused.

The event

The Organisers retain the right to cancel or postpone the event at short notice. Should a workshop be cancelled at short notice all available means will be utilised to contact participants in particular notice will be posted on Facebook Dogtaggs will not accept liability for reimbursement of consequential losses incurred by participants including travel or accommodation costs.