Kit List

General Tracking

  • Large supply treats
  • Small ‘end of track’ markers such as toy or other non-consumable, dog safe item
  • Well fitting, V neck fixed body harness
  • Padded long line at least 10m in length, similar to Clix recall line
  • Water and water bowl
  • Legally correct identification disc
  • Poo bags

Adjustable V neck harness will potentially need to be let out if the event is ‘all day’.

Not permitted

  • Harnesses that slip or tighten on the dog
  • Slip, check, choke, prong or electronic collars
  • Aversive or rough handling of any kind
  • Any animal without current de-worming regime directed by a veterinary surgeon
  • Any animal fed raw meat which has not been frozen (minimum 72 hours) before feeding

Not recommended

  • Any ball too small for the size of dog
  • Any solid ball, particularly if not strung on a manufacturers lanyard
  • Any broken toy
  • Loose, overly padded or straight-across chest piece harnesses
  • Harnesses with line attachment too far back along the dog’s spine (attachment point should preferably be just behind the shoulders)
  • Ultra-lightweight, extra wide or heavy, non-padded, short, or Biothane long lines

Night Tracking

  • Head torch with new long-life batteries installed
  • High Viz jacket
  • Fully charged mobile phone, number and name texted to organiser on event day
  • Warm clothing
  • Clip on safety lights, one (red) on back of jacket and one on dog harness
  • Organiser phone number, maps and written instructions

Water Tracking

  • Tall wellingtons or waders
  • Flotation jacket for smaller dogs
  • Dog towel

We do not track in flowing water which is more than ‘one (toy) poodle deep’.

Hard Surface Tracking

  • Water spray bottle
  • Full water carrier
  • Small flat marker, usually red or green in colour, can be as small as size of a two pence piece on condition that it cannot be physically retrieved by the dog


  • Dogtaggs track markers
  • High Viz jacket
  • High Viz ‘flag’ to make the tracking line visible to members of the public
  • Back pack including water and water bowl, poo bags and a gun dog ‘fat snack’ if the event is ‘all day’

Shepherd School

  • A collection of items. Safe for a dog to pick up in his/her mouth.
  • Not too small. Not so large and bulky that they are obvious on the ground.
  • Critical properties, different weights and different materials.
  • Colours don't really matter, but red and green are useful.