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Tracking and trailing training log book. Space to record twenty five tracks or trails. The logbook is quick and simple to complete. Most of the physical and practical data, for example, terrain, weather, age and complexity of tracks is in ‘tick box’ format, covering a wide range of parameters from simple beginner to advanced tracks. Additionally the logbook enables handlers to record self assessed behavioural measures such as ‘calmness’ and how this relates to environmental features such as other people or dogs. The logbook also accommodates records for those tracking lost pets and other animals.

Tracking Log Book created by Dogtaggs.

Price is £13.50 and includes UK mainland Post and Packing.


3 reviews for Tracking Log Book

  1. Pippa Bentham (verified owner)

    Brilliant book really clearly set out, so easy to understand. Filling in details of the environment makes me far more aware of what’s around and how it may influence me as well as my dog.

  2. Jo Caldwell

    This is a great book, it is really simple to use, and is a brilliant way to record both mine and Inka’s tracking journey. It lets you see how you progress. It is also helping me to focus on what I need to do before I lay the track, and by planning before I go I am now more focused as it gives me prompts and I can look back at how things went on previous times.
    You also don’t need to have had any previous tracking or trailing experience to use it as it has helpful hints and tips to be able to have a go.

  3. Lorraine Smith

    I love the fact that the book acts as a prompt to the things that should be thought about. I often feel a bit like a headless chicken when setting out, and lose concentration; this will help me to focus a bit more on the signs that my dog gives. It will also help with getting me to think about his reaction to the environment a bit more.

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